Quickstart Guide

How to use

Use Backtrader_Bokeh as analyzers(only Live Mode)

  • Default 80 port:

    from backtrader_bokeh import bt
    cerebro = bt.Cerebro()
    cerebro.adddata(LiveDataStream()) # Note! Data is must Live Data
    cerebro.addanalyzer(bt.analyzers.Live, force_plot_legend=True, autostart=True)
  • If 80 port is not available, you can use other port:

    cerebro.addanalyzer(bt.analyzers.Live, address="localhost", port=8889, force_plot_legend=True, autostart=True)

Use Backtrader_Bokeh as plot object

  • Normal Mode is the backtest which has only a set of strategy's argument:

    from backtrader_bokeh import bt
    plot = bt.Bokeh(style = 'bar', scheme=bt.schemes.Blackly(), force_plot_legend=True) # bt.schemes.Blackly is style of scheme
    cerebro.plot(plot, iplot=False) # if run in Jupter, need to pass 'iplot' argument in there
  • Optstrategy Mode is the backtest which has multi sets of strategy's argument:

    from backtrader_bokeh import bt
    cerebro.optstrategy(MyStrategy, buydate=range(40, 180, 30))   
    result = cerebro.run(optreturn=False)
    b = bt.Bokeh(style='bar', scheme=bt.schemes.Tradimo(), force_plot_legend=True)
    browser = bt.Opt(b, result, address='localhost', port=8889, autostart= True)


You can get more of backtrader_bokeh documents through visit Documents or Github wiki

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